About Road To Recovery

Road to Recovery is a collection of posts and articles with the hope of instilling insight, inspiration, hope and empowerment for those whom battle mental illness and addictive disorders. 

Each of us are on a journey and my hope is that this blog can encourage and motivate you along your way.

Though the road be long with pot hole and mountains to overcome, there is hope that you can be better and can be empowered to control your illness and no longer have to be controlled by it.

Come join me on the Journey!!


12 thoughts on “About Road To Recovery

    • Carissaa,
      Gladly! I actiually found you by way of your comment on Wordsmith’s Blog. Within just a few of the words that you shared, I felt a connection, someting deeper that their mear meaning. I hope that you will look around at mine a little bit as well.

      Looking forward to reading your musings!

  1. Hello i live in england, i thank you for such a wonderful blog and it is a road to recovery as i was in addiction for 15 years and i have been clean now for nearly for 4 years . the path has been one with many ups and downs. i looked at my rejection issuses and the trauma from childhood which i can still suffer from today, As i know today i am not alone in this scary world and it is okay to talk as there are people to listen to you and wont judge me about my past. So never be afraid to ask for help because there are people who care ,god bless

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